Close more sales as you learn the techniques to overcome objections in a way that gives decision makers the confidence to buy. Objections are good news. The customer is listening; thinking about your sales proposition and telling you what is getting in the way of doing business. Objections happen when a decision maker: Is not convinced by what you have said, the customer may not have understood you – a feasibility objection Does not see value in what you are proposing – a value objection Does not have a big enough budget – a price objection Feasibility, value or price - your challenge is to develop the skills to manage all types of objections and when possible use a potential objection as a benefit. In this course you will discover how to: Manage objections based on belief, value and price in the right way Establish if an objection is the one single reason that is stopping you doing business Answer objections professionally using the APAC model. A highly effective four step process to help you answer objections and win the confidence of decision makers Convert potential objections into benefits Read More

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