eLearning that powers action and drives results.

Making Every Sales Person Better

No more mind-numbing PowerPoint slides or monotonous videos! Instead, be immersed in our interactive sales eLearning and simulations. Challenge yourself to discover solutions to problems in a virtual world and transfer your new skills into the real world.

Change delivered instantly

The power of our interactive eLearning and story-based simulations gives you:

  • The knowledge and skills to act
  • The motivation to change

Because our sales simulations let you test out your new skills in a safe environment, without risking any business, you’ll be able to respond to future situations with confidence.

Your new skills will help you deliver value for your customers and you’ll be on your way to becoming a trusted business partner.

Interactive, experiential eLearning

Our eLearning:

  • Is developed by TLSA’s industry-leading experts
  • Is endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Management (ISM), the UK’s only professional body for sales professionals
  • Reflects key learning objectives
  • Includes certification
  • Lets you build your own personal action plan
  • Provides you with a personal record of the key learning points and a summary of your performance
  • Provides you with detailed simulation feedback and scores for every learning objective
  • Takes about 90 minutes to complete each course. Each course is split into several modules and includes a full sales simulation to test your learning

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