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Win more business as you identify your customers’ needs and issues.

Advanced Questioning: is a ‘must have’ skill if you manage large accounts, work on high value deals and develop business with major prospects.

In business-to-business selling, customers see the most successful sales people as a ‘trusted business partner’; someone who decision makers trust, value and want to do business with. To make this happen you need to develop a deep understanding of the way your customers do business, the challenges they face and most importantly their needs.

Advanced questioning skills are key to becoming a trusted business partner. In this course you will discover a powerful structure to:

  • Manage conversations in a way that engages decision makers to talk openly about the opportunities and challenges facing the business
  • Identify, agree, prioritise and confirm customer needs
  • Implement sales cycles with multiple decision makers who all have a say in the buying process
  • Build the confidence to manage conversations with senior decision makers

This is the skill of managing conversations with decision makers in order to understand what keeps them awake at night.


The aim of this course is to help you develop the advanced questioning skills needed to clarify issues and agree needs with decision-makers in high value customers and prospects.

This is driven by the following objectives:

1. Define the use of advanced questions in the sales process.

2. Introduce the RAIN model, a structure to help you use advanced questioning techniques      with customers.

3. Demonstrate the process for using advanced questions to identify and agree needs.

In this course you will learn new skills, test proven approaches and create a personal action plan as you follow TLSA's four-step learning journey.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Advanced Questioning Techniques

Module 1: Course Introduction
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Module 2: Advanced Questions: The Purpose
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Module 3: The Needs Analysis
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Module 4: Converting Opportunities into Needs
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Module 5: The RAIN Model
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Module 6: Sales Simulation
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Added 3 months ago, by Jason
good course
Added 3 months ago, by Grant
lot of information there - practice time now required - good course
Added 3 months ago, by Bernard
Enjoyable! But as always it takes me too long to complete
Added 3 months ago, by Jeremy
Intuitive and fun
Added 3 months ago, by Dave
Best module so far - the RAIN approach is more straightforward than the CLA's FINSOAC method.
Added 3 months ago, by Anonymous
Foccussed the sales process
Added 4 months ago, by Sue
Added about 2 years ago, by David
Excellent session. it focuses the mind to ask the correct questions and listen and don't just follow your own path
Added over 2 years ago, by Bradley
Great interactive learning session.
Added about 3 years ago, by Matthew

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