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Achieve sales growth, develop strong customer relationships and win new business Do these sound like your sales objectives? We have developed six high quality, interactive eLearning courses designed to have a positive impact on performance. Each course is endorsed by the Institute of Sales Management (ISM), which means you can be sure the content has been approved by the UK’s leading professional body for sales. Develop and refresh your business to business sales skills in 9 hours of interactive eLearning and sales simulations packed with ideas, advice and best practice to complete at a pace to suit you. Discover the skills you need to be an outstanding business to business sales person with: B2B Appointment Setting: win appointments and generate new business Effective Questioning Techniques: learn how effective questioning and active listening helps you build relationships, understand your customers and close more business Advanced Questioning Skills: learn how to identify the needs and issues your customers want solutions for Selling Features and Benefits: use benefits to create propositions your customers want to buy Overcoming Objections: you will learn how to use a proven structure to overcome objections and win more business Closing Techniques: learn how to control the sales cycle and close more business In every course you will learn new skills, test proven approaches and create a personal action plan as you follow TLSA's four-step learning journey.                 Read More

Learn how to set appointments with key decision-makers. Proven techniques show you how to: Win: high quality appointments using a proven process Communicate: in a way that differentiates you from the competition Engage: decision-makers so they will want to meet you Convince: decision-makers that their time with you will be well spent Read More

Watch your sales grow as you develop your effective questioning and active listening skills. You’ll discover how to: Use open, closed and qualifying questions to manage sales conversations Ask the right questions Identify and agree customer needs Use active listening skills to qualify understanding, develop trust and build relationships Read More

Win more business as you identify your customers’ needs and issues. Advanced Questioning: is a ‘must have’ skill if you manage large accounts, work on high value deals and develop business with major prospects. In business-to-business selling, customers see the most successful sales people as a ‘trusted business partner’; someone who decision makers trust, value and want to do business with. To make this happen you need to develop a deep understanding of the way your customers do business, the challenges they face and most importantly their needs. Advanced questioning skills are key to becoming a trusted business partner. In this course you will discover a powerful structure to: Manage conversations in a way that engages decision makers to talk openly about the opportunities and challenges facing the business Identify, agree, prioritise and confirm customer needs Implement sales cycles with multiple decision makers who all have a say in the buying process Build the confidence to manage conversations with senior decision makers This is the skill of managing conversations with decision makers in order to understand what keeps them awake at night. Read More

You’ll develop the skills to make sales presentations that motivate your prospects to buy. Your sales results will improve as you confidently close more sales by selling benefits that meet customer needs. Selling Features and Benefits will help you to: Identify the benefits your products and services offer your customers Create benefit statements that engage your customers Match the benefits of your products and services with the needs of your customers Influence buying decisions in your favour by turning benefits into advantages Read More

You will improve your sales performance as you develop the skills and build the confidence to close more sales. All sales roles are different. You may be in a role where the challenge is to close the sale in one or two meetings. Equally, closing may mean maintaining momentum in several meetings before you are in a position to ask for the business. Either way, this course will help you: Identify when you need to use closing techniques in your role Discover how to time the pre-close and the close Apply powerful closing techniques to close the business or maintain momentum in the sales cycle Win more business Read More

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